Let’s give rhythm to your day! Music is a key element that we pay a lot of attention to; it will enliven and animate each moment as it deserves and will play a very important role.

Each situation will ask for a type of music, and with it the reaction of the attendees. Acoustic music for the ceremony, band during the aperitif, dj for the party,… This is one of the formulas, but the one that really works is the one that you like; the one that represents you, the music that makes you excited, the one that transports you to great moments lived, the one that makes you dance like crazy.

Music is for living!

To start with this topic we will always ask you about the music that plays in your home, the one you want to see in concert, the one that makes you fly. We want to know your musical tastes to hit the nail on what we consider to be a very important part of your wedding, and one that you can enjoy.