Do you want to know if I am the right person to organize your wedding in Mallorca?

I’m Clara and I’d like to say that my job started in 1985 the year I was born. Well, I fell in love with this island when I was very young and I discovered its most magical and precious places. Local craftsmanship is my weakness and Mallorca is full of life not only visually but also culturally. Furthermore I am also passionate about design, fashion and architecture.

I am here to make your wedding the most beautiful story ever told. I am a decorator and I love traveling to discover trends and beautiful things from around the world.

I am a perfectionist and I get up a hundred times from the sofa to reposition that crooked vase. You will be interested to hear that I am very organized and that I am the mother of a 2-year-old boy who is capable of creating chaos in 5 minutes! This has allowed me to become even more organized (if possible) – I like to say that I am 100% involved in every wedding I organize. Because in part I feel it.

My degree of involvement in all the weddings I organize in Mallorca is such that I take care of every detail as if I were getting married myself. I am a lover of the island, I know magical corners full of personality that are eager to tell your story.

I love to personalize each wedding and build the whole creative concept to construct something that you will be very proud of. I am aware that the way in which a wedding is narrated is one of the most important aspects in the life of any person. For that reason I want to help you to live this special day without worries and knowing that every detail has been considered, and that it will be just as you had imagined it. I will offer you the possibility of designing a unique, personal wedding that will have nothing to do with anything you have previously seen. Something as unique and genuine as you.

I will take care of everything. From the first detail to the last and all those essential things that will transform your day into the most beautiful and magical of your life. Because I believe everything counts, I will be here to create something with you that you will always remember

I want to accompany you. Will you accompany me?

Let’s get started now!